I am not flexible. Can I still do Yoga?

Of course! The very act of doing yoga will help to increase and improve flexibility even in the tightest people. This practice meets you where you are now.

I've heard yoga is a religion. Do I have to be a particular religion to practice?

This is a popular misconception. Yoga is NOT a religion. Yoga originated in India where many do practice Hinduism. However, the practice of yoga is not associated with any religion. A student can be of any religious affiliation or none at all and enjoy this practice. Yoga is not to convert a student to a particular religion but rather provide the student with tools for living well regardless of religious background or beliefs.

I am an older adult. Isn't yoga just for young and thin people?

Absolutely not! In fact most everyone at any age can do yoga. There are many ways to modify and adapt poses to meet the individual needs of each body. It is especially helpful as we age, aiding in increased mobility, flexibility, and balance.

I am looking to strengthen and tone my body. Isn't yoga just stretching?

The short answer no. However, stretching is involved in yoga. In fact some classes are devoted entirely to slowing down and stretching all of the major muscles. Yet, there are many types of yoga. Some are more challenging and physically demanding. All will provide the side benefit of strengthening and toning your entire body.

What about all of the pretzel shapes I see on social media? Or the chanting? That's not really for me.

Not to worry. Yoga practice can be many different things. Some people love working themselves into a pretzel shape (that's not me and it's not in my teaching). Others like chanting, mantras, and a host of many other things. Make this practice your own by keeping what works and discarding what doesn't. It's that simple.

What style of yoga do you teach? What can I expect from your classes?

The styles I teach include yin yoga, slower flows, hatha, and some restorative. Yin yoga is longer statically held postures. My slow flows are poses linked with the breath and practiced more slowly. Hatha can be static &/or dynamic poses without linking between the poses. Restorative yoga typically involves longer holds with the use of props to make a restful practice. I mostly teach beginner/level 1 classes. Options and modifications are given throughout my classes to accommodate different bodies.

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