Yoga + Ayurveda Tips for Navigating Spring

Here I will discuss a few tips for helping to navigate your way through spring.


4/8/20233 min read

The season of spring is a time of renewal. As nature and often we as humans emerge from the cold and dark of the winter months. This is the season of things coming back to life. Many of us look forward to this time of year. Yet often we are unsure how to navigate this season from a balanced approach, in sync with nature all around us. Read on for just a few tips to enjoy this time of spring renewal.

Add Movement to Remove Stagnation

There is no doubt adding movement to our routine is one of the best ways to rid our body of unwanted stagnation. It is easy for our bodies to become stagnant in the winter as our activity levels decrease, often due to lack of time outdoors.

The best way to combat this is through movement based practices. This is where a yoga practice can really help clear out that stagnation. To ease back into movement, try a gentle or slower yoga class. Gradually add in more activity with vinyasa flow and hatha style classes. Build up your strength, mobility, and flexibility with a consistent yoga practice.

In no time you will feel the stagnation melt away. Your energy levels will increase, along with your motivation to tackle your goals and projects.

Cleanse Your Body

This can be accomplished through movement, food, and or drink. One of the best ways to clear out toxins from the body is through twists in a yoga practice. Twists in yoga act much like wringing out a dish towel. By twisting through the spine we are literally releasing toxins. When we let go of the twist the internal organs receive a fresh supply of blood. Giving them a nice rinse.

Another effective way of cleansing the internal body is through food. By ingesting fresh, nourishing foods our bodies are fueled properly. We become what we eat and therefore it is so important to choose wisely. This is especially true during the renewal season of spring. Choose fresh whole foods. Avoid processed foods when possible. This can also be a time to eliminate certain foods from your diet to see how your body feels without that particular item.

Herbal teas can be another great addition this time of year as well as the winter time. A good quality herbal tea can provide support your body may need. Either to boost immunity, improve digestion, help with sleep issues, increase energy, and much more. It is also important to drink plenty of water, especially after a cleansing yoga practice.

Let Go of Old Patterns/Habits

This can be done any time of year but it can be especially effective during this time of renewal. Take a look at your patterns and habits. Is there something you can let go of that no longer serves your greater good? I call this spring cleaning for your inner self. By taking the time to look at our old patterns of being we can start to realize some of them can be released.

Be gentle and kind with yourself during this process. Some of our patterns and habits are deeply engrained. It may take some time to clear them out. Give yourself the space and compassion to work through the things you wish to let go. Go slow and work with one thing at a time. Change happens best with one step at a time.

A great option is to add in something positive in place for something you wish to let go of. For example, perhaps you want to stop drinking sodas. Try adding in a nice comforting herbal tea with honey in place of the sodas.

Renew Yourself

Give yourself the gift of a reset. Try doing a mini-retreat on your own at home. Practice yoga, journal, meditate, and/or your favorite hobby.

Set aside some time for self care. This could be an hour, an afternoon, a day, or longer. Mark this time on a calendar, like an appointment with yourself and stick with it. Taking time for your own self care refills your cup. Thus allowing you to show up for others in a more authentic and loving way.

This is a time to be a bit selfish and renew yourself. You will be surprised at what a little mini-retreat or some self care can do for the body, mind, and soul. A renewed you will have a ripple effect out into your life. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

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